Jul 8 2013

Daniel Jean’s (and Natasha’s) birthday

Here is an adorable video of the kids singing “Happy Birthday” to their “Daddy” Daniel Jean… caretaker to approximately 200 orphans!

Jul 8 2013

Progress In Les Cayes

Here is the new roof in our Les Cayes property where we are partnering with Daniel Jean to prepare a compound to care for orphans in the region with a guest house for the many helpers that come through. The second and third video shows a solar powered water treatment system that has been offered for our work and the site where we are planning to install it when funds are available.

Jul 8 2013

Medical Clinics by TeamOne:27

Here are some videos narrated by Mark Gillette of the medical clinics hosted by our friend and fellow traveler Susan in Haiti late last month.  What started as a basic checkup for our own children in Daniel Jean’s care, quickly swelled to include a local orphanage in Port Au Prince and ‘everyone’ in the neighborhood of our Les Cayes facility.

Feb 22 2013

This is a photo of the 24' Ford boxtruck we purchased yesterday for shipment to Divine Ministries.  We already have 7 pallets of food provided by UMC Mission Central, plus we will buy one pallet of rice to fill the floor of this truck

God also provided 50 to 100 mattresses to stack in on top. They will replace those in Port-au-Prince ruined by bugs. Later, we trust for 50 to 100 more to use in the new orphanage in Les Cayes.  We also have other items like keyboards, a saxaphone, gas stove, clothes and shoes, etc. To load until we run out of space… God is good! Mark

Feb 11 2013

Daniel Jean at Niagara Falls

After service at Amherst Baptist in Buffalo, NY, Scott took Daniel Jean to the Falls on way to airport. Flying BUF to JFK tonight. After night in NYC flies back to Haiti tomorrow morning.

Jan 28 2013

David is Healed!

Here is a picture from last Sunday taken of the little boy who spent nearly three weeks in the hospital in severe pain.  The doctors did many tests; tried many treatments; never determined the source of the problem.  We asked for intercessory prayer and God intervened… David is healed!
Awesome!  God is faithful.     - Mark Gillette-

Jan 21 2013

Looking for a sponsor for a new 2 year old orphan, “Berlyn”…

This little girl arrived this weekend. Her name is Berlyn (at least that’s how it sounds).  She will be two years old in February, and although we usually don’t accept kids in diapers, Daniel said “Yes” because she recently lost both parents and was at risk of abandonment.  We need a sponsor due to the fact that we had to hire a person to care specifically for her needs as a toddler.  Would you prayerfully consider committing to a monthly gift of $50 for the next 2 to 3 years while this precious girl needs our extra time and attention?

Nov 26 2012

Thanksgiving Party Preparations

Happy Thanksgiving!
We are up (not the entire team yet) early and preparing for today’s party: the first of two in the Carrefour District of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.
Monarch Shipping has ducked our calls and, in general, acted very unprofessionally in the handling of our shipments: particularly the bus filled with the backpacks, school supplies and health kits, which we shipped for the parties scheduled for today and tomorrow.
Nevertheless, God is in control and will have the victory!
We do have the halls rented, the buses to ferry the children to and from both party sites ( they are separate this year to avoid having all 5,000 children show up uninvited on the same day… that was ugly last year) and candy, food, entertainment and new testaments in Creole/French for every child. Additionally, a very clear presentation of the Gospel will be made at both parties.
Since the children were invited on a very organized basis; orphanage by orphanage,  we will be able to deliver the correct number of backpacks, filled with the gift items now “sequestered” on our bus, directly to the children for whom they are intended.
God still wins!
Incidentally, we have already begun the process of locating one or more other shipping companies upon whom we can depend for our future shipments.
Thanks for your prayers. All the team members here in Haiti are doing well and excited to be a part of the events we have planned.
For we are co-laborers with Christ,
Mark Gillette

Oct 29 2012

Another Bus to Haiti

Mark Gillette and Billy Hetrich are just dropping off a 27′ bus, filled with thousands of backpacks, school kits and health kits for the 3rd annual Christmas party in Carrefour that will take place this Thanksgiving break.  Their return flight has now been postponed until at least Tuesday with Hurricane Sandy en route.  Last night Mark shared:

“We are now approx. 30 miles north of South Carolina and have been seeing huge caravans of line repair trucks all headed north. The word is out to keep your head down.  Weather is dry but cloudy. We can see the sun shining further south.
Saw on AOL that 5,000 flights have been cancelled on the east coast already.  We have our toothbrushes and extra underwear. Ready for anything…. ‘suffering for Jesus is FL ha ha.’”

Pray that the Bus ships safely, the supplies are protected and delivered to our children during the party, and that Mark and Billy can make it home in a timely fashion (and that they can “redeem” the time in FL)!



Sep 29 2012

PermaCrete Van off to Haiti

Mark Gillette and “Snooks” have successfully delivered our newest PermaCrete van to Haiti with a full shipment of material that will be the genesis of the the for-profit PermaCrete business working in tandem to empower TeamOne:27′s ministry in Haiti.  May the Lord protect all the details of shipping, customs, and delivery and pour his favor over every relationship and opportunity that this new business will generate in Haiti.  We declare the beginning of a Kingdom landslide of restorative momentum through this great work, in the strong Name and for the sole glory of Jesus Christ!

As an added punctuation of God’s involvement, He timed Mark and Snooks business so closely that the plane home literally re-opened the door for them AFTER the (humanly speaking) “last minute”!  Here’s a quote from their final email update:

“Monarch’s processing went smoothly and the taxi was there before we finished to take us to the airport.

Security stopped BOTH Snook and me to look thru our carry ons…
Once I cleared thedelay I ran down the terminal to the gate. The man there called to the plane and said “We have two runners.” and they reopened the door to let us board.
Whew…Is God still in control, or what?!?”